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Social Responsibility

Let’s work together to protect and sustain our community. E-cycling and upgrading gently used computer systems reduce e-waste and promote safe technology practices.

Technology Courses

Whether your goal is to increase productivity, learn how to use your computer or provide employees with a competitive edge, we offer courses that suit your needs. Eliminate the digital divide in your workplace today.

Technical Support

Whether you need viruses removed or hardware upgraded; we have you covered. Contact us today for your IT needs and we’ll help make technology work for you.

Evaluation & Assessment

With our evaluation and assessment programs, we analyze and evaluate your program based on proven learning theories and technical data. Let us help ensure your program’s continued progress and success.

Increase Productivity

Employees spend countless hours each year searching for files, and customer information. We train your workforce to work smarter, and employ techniques that propel your business.

Career Development

Position yourself for a better career. Ask us about our cover letters, resume services, mock interviews, LinkedIn profile creation and soft skills training. Preparation is key. Get workforce ready.

Take the frustration out of technology

From business consultations, program evaluations, to technical training, we work harder so you don't have to.

Computer Repair and Help Desk for Beginners

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We empower students and organizations across the world with technical skills needed to thrive in the 21st century workplace.
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