With continuous advances in technology students and employees now can learn anytime, anywhere, anyplace. We create dynamic online learning environments that promote critical technical skills in today’s workplace.

Career Preparation



Employers, job seekers, and students all require continuous learning to stay abreast of emerging technologies and technical practices. Our technical courses cover the tools needed to improve productivity, decrease end-user frustration, and expand technical skills.

  • Identify Learning Objectives

  • Employ Educational Learning Theories

  • Interactive Media Creation

  • Develop Learning Material

  • Tailored Learning Content



Training can be a beneficial tool for end-users, ensure your users are retaining the knowledge and skills desired through our program assessments. We’ll discover ways to improve student learning and meet program objectives.


  • Training Consultations

  • Continuous Program Assessments

  • Distance Education Integration

  • Improve Course Quality

  • Face-to-Face and Online Curriculum

  • Emotional Intelligence Methods



Program evaluations are vital to ensure there is a return on investment of time, resources, revenue. Allow us to evaluate your programs to ensure program goals and objectives are not only met, but exceeded.


  • Formative & Informal Evaluations

  • Continuous Feedback

  • Data Collection & Organization

  • Ensure Program Objectives are Met

  • Analyze Student Progress

  • Collect Student Feedback via Surveys, Interviews, etc.