At Dare2CareComputers, our mission is simple: to empower people across the world with Technical skills that improve the quality of their lives, create dynamic E-Learning Environments, and provide learners with Career Development skills that encourage them to thrive in the 21st century workforce.

Dare to dream.

We all have dreams, and together we can help each other accomplish them. Continuous advances in technology can serve as an effective vehicle to transport those dreams into a tangible reality. Our goal is to provide quality Technical support services to our customers, share the knowledge of technology with others through Technical Training,  and ensure today’s workforce is adequately prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace.

Dare to be you.

In learning, there is no one size fits all solution. The ways in which we approach learning differs based on environment, age, education and other factors. By employing proven Instructional design techniques and Learning theories such as the ADDIE Model into our online training programs, we deliver the best instruction for learners individually as well as collectively.

Dare to care.

Software, IT, and customer service skills are all now a part of workforce development necessities. Workers are expected to effectively navigate the online career arena and apply to the majority of available jobs remotely. We invest in the future of our learners by providing services that offer resume and cover letter creation, LinkedIn profile design,  mock-interviews and consultancy services to ensure our customers effectively reflect the skills, knowledge, and abilities gained throughout the course of their careers.

About Us Keyboard

Social Responsibility

“This is Titi. His dream is to be a doctor, our goal is to help him do just that.”

Titi, Future Doctor
Titi, Future Doctor - Ethiopia 2018

New Friends

On a recent missions trip to Africa, our founder became friends with Titi and received this photo as a gift before departure. It expresses his desire to one day become a doctor, and the love he has for his country, Ethiopia.

There were other children Titi’s age, along with adults who shared their visions for the future, and ways in which they could provide value to their communities. Clea was inspired by their zeal to learn and the abundant technical resources available to promote learning in various environments. Her commitment, is to ensure Dare2CareComputers provides services that provide transferable technical skills needed in the 21st century workplace, promotes sustainability, and leaves a lasting impact on the lives of families across the world through the use of innovation and technology.

Information Technology

The field of technology covers a massive spectrum of industries, skillsets, and technologies. Some technical professionals specialize in coding or creating programs, while others compose databases or build webpages.

One area that has been overlooked in this field are those who offer Information Technology Services (ITS). These professionals specialize in managing, maintaining, and supporting computer technologies and their networks. Some common titles for those in this field are known as Information Technology Specialists, Desktop Support analysts, and Information Technology consultants. Their attributes contribute to the success of businesses in every industry imaginable. Below are a few of the many skills they possess:

  • The ability to identify, isolate, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues
  • Understanding of computers, networks, printers, and other peripherals
  • Ability to navigate, reinstall, manage, and configure Windows operating systems
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Outlook, & PowerPoint

These are a few skills essential to survival in the 21st century workplace. From the healthcare field, to education, and agriculture; computers allow us to interact with others, work, exchange currency, and live in the world today. Employers understand the need for a technical workers, and now require more employees to have or aquire advanced technical skills in order to effectively perform their duties. Understanding how computers work and how to use them efficiently opens the door to endless resources, career advancements, and additional benefits for years to come.

New Appro/aches

As technology continues to progress at rapid speeds, our approach to harnessing its power effectively must remain flexible. With the rise of online courses, interactive media, and remote learning environments students can learn valuable technical skills anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Our Care program focuses on 4 key areas:

1. Online & Hybrid Training

Technical training courses that consist of basic skills needed in today’s workforce

2. Advanced Hardware & Software Knowledge

Students learn how to navigate, troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair desktop and laptop computer systems.

3. Productivity Skills

Learners discover ways to improve office productivity skills by obtaining advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other Office 365 applications.

4. Care Kits

Technical maintenance kits are provided that consist of external hard drives and other storage devices that contain free and open-source software, educational resources, and e-books for virtual and self-paced learning.

Program Impact

“Just as one pebble causes ripples across the water, we too have the potential to create ripples across the world.”

Electronic devices now allow us to exchange goods and services, share knowledge, and drive innovation. Our program is designed to use technology to produce a long-term positive impact in the following areas:

  1. Education: Provide students with tools, software, & hardware needed for learning.
  2. Workplace: Empower job seekers and employees with technical skills needed to succeed in the workforce.
  3. Social: Raise socioeconomic levels within communities to improve quality of life, and promote healthy computing practices that help to sustain our environment.